How to shop for eyeglasses

Eyeglasses have evolved from the days of being simply a tool to help us see better. Now, your spectacles fit your wardrobe and reflect your personal sense of style. Shopping for eyeglasses is more than making sure you can see—it's also about what the world sees when it looks at you.

Where to shop

There are an increasing number of places that offer eyeglasses. In addition to your eye doctor's office, there are a number of chain retailers who specialize in eyeglasses, as well as warehouse clubs. Internet retail in eyeglasses is growing too. A little shopping around and you can ensure all your "specs" are met.

To avoid paying for features you don't need, do your research before you shop. That can help you decide whether you'll need UV protection, scratch-resistant coatings, or a sturdier type of frame without pressure from the sales staff.

When shopping at an eyeglass store, you may want to consider:

What to look for in a good pair


The goal of prescription eyeglasses is to improve your vision. In this case, comfort should be your first priority. The frame should sit comfortably on your face, not pinching your nose or behind your ears. Opticians can adjust your frame to alleviate any of these problems. Also ensure that you can see easily and without straining. Wearing the proper prescription eyeglasses should not make you dizzy.

Life & Style

Eyeglasses come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors. Decide if the eye glasses frame you're considering matches your lifestyle. Someone who plays a lot of sports will have different needs than someone who only wears eyeglasses around the office. If fashion is essential, designer eyeglasses are available at most retailers.


The cash consideration may top the list for many, and the cost of some eyeglasses can make getting the right pair difficult. Prices vary, from some online stores reportedly charging under $50 for a pair, to designer eyeglasses in a chain store passing the $500 mark. To keep costs down, shop around. If you can afford to wait, avoid the more expensive chains that boast a 24-hour turnaround time. Finding a frame online or a designer look-alike will help you save money too. Just beware of deals that seem too good to be true – these are your eyes, and they deserve the best.

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