Your Dog Needs Protection Too

One of the newest, and most controversial, additions to the eyewear industry actually has nothing to do with humans and everything to do with our canine friends. Doggles, the new sunglasses for dogs, have become a worldwide phenomenon taking both the eyewear industry and the pet industry by storm. Pet lovers everywhere were more than thrilled upon the release of doggles; however other individuals were less than excited about these questionable products.

I guess the question is do dogs really need to wear sunglasses? Most people would agree that the vision of animals is just as important as the vision of humans. If we wear sunglasses to protect our eyesight, shouldn't our pets be treated in the same manner, after all they are exposed to the same types of UV radiation as we are?

More and more individuals have become concerned with the appearance of their pets as well as the health of their pets. Take Paris Hilton for example. Her dog, Tinkerbell, has a designer wardrobe worth more money than what most people make in a year. Individuals are treating their pets like humans, and why not? We claim to love them, so shouldn't they be treated with the same respect we give ourselves?

What do Doggles look like?

Doggles look like a typical pair of sunglasses, only slightly smaller. From sporty to sexy, masculine to feminine, doggles are designed to suit the personality and style of each individual dog. Available in a vast selection of shapes and sizes, doggles can make or break the appearance of your dog.

Do they really protect the eyesight of animals?

Absolutely. Doggles are made with polycarbonate, anti-fog lenses for optimum durability and protection. They fit tight to your dogs face for optimum comfort and offer 100 percent protection against harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Are prescription Doggles available?

Absolutely. If your dog suffers from poor vision there are a number of prescription doggle models on today's market. These doggles are optically enhanced sunglasses that still offer 100 percent protection against all types of UV rays.

How much do they cost?

The cost of doggles can vary depending on the style and size. The average price range for these newly released animal accessories is between $10 and $30, depending on the individual style of each model.

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