Vuarnet Sunglasses

Named After Olympic Gold Medalist, Jean Vuarnet

The Vuarnet sunglasses you see in stores and online are products of many years of hard work and innovative thinking. Over the years, Vuarnet has developed a cutting-edge image that supports active living and an everlasting love for sports.

Jean Vuarnet, a professional skier and Olympic gold medalist in the 60s, was asked if his name could be used for an upcoming sunglass line. He agreed to give up his name, and soon after, Vuarnet became the first sunglass line to use a professional athlete as their primary marketing focus.

It wasn't until the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 that the Vuarnet sunglass line first began receiving recognition from the public. During this time, a number of the Olympic athletes began sporting Vuarnet sunglasses and before long, they were selling out in stores all across the United States.

Since then, Vuarnet sunglasses have received even higher amounts of recognition and continue to be worn by international athletes of the 21stcentury.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

Vuarnet's newest line of designer sunglasses features extreme designs and intense shapes exclusive to the Vuarnet label. The latest line offers a number of styles from rimless models to oversized models in intense colors like hot pink, red and purple. All Vuarnet models offer complete protection against UV rays and are designed with high quality materials for optimum comfort. Their sunglass designs also feature ground polished, glass lenses for complete impact and scratch resistance.

A true blend of comfort and style, Vuarnet sunglasses are designed to offer complete satisfaction for all consumers. Must-have models in the Vuarnet sunglass collection include their nylon 040 model as well as their metal 162 model.

Average Costs

Prices for Vuarnet designer sunglasses range from $80 to $220. The cost will highly depend on the time of year and the individual styles of each model. The lower priced models tend to be styles and designs from previous years.

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