Ryders Eyewear

High Performance Eyewear for High Performance Athletes

Ryders Eyewear has been recognized as the premium supplier of high quality, affordable, performance eyewear since its establishment in 1986. Brent Miller and his father (original owner of Suntech Optics) collaborated to develop a single sunglass company focused on meeting the needs of consumers.

This innovative sunglass collection is designed and marketed specifically towards bike racers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. Their mission is to incorporate the latest technologies with innovative sunglass styles for high performance sunglasses perfect for extreme sporting environments. Their unique marketing techniques and distinctive advertising campaigns gained Ryders the recognition they were looking for to breakthrough the sportswear markets.

Now considered an international leader in the sports eyewear industry, Ryders Eyewear offers a wide range of sunglasses to meet the needs of extreme sports enthusiasts all over the world.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

Safety and style are two very important elements when it comes to extreme sports like bike racing, snowboarding and skiing. Ryders Eyewear takes into consideration flying debris and obstructive glare from snow or water. As a result, Ryders Eyewear line offers wraparound styles to prevent debris from flying in the side of your glasses and complete polarization to eliminate glare. The latest technologies and advanced designs make Ryders sunglasses a top choice for sports lovers. Must-Have models in their latest collection include Ryders Sprint and Crystal models.

Average Costs

The cost of Ryders high performance eyewear is extremely affordable, especially considering the quality of eyewear. Their prices are ridiculously low for such highly advanced designs. Most models can be purchased for less than $40. If there is one designer label to look at for affordable prices and high quality, it's got to be Ryders.

Celebrity Sightings

Much like the sunglasses offered through Rudy Project or Adidas, Ryders sunglasses are marketed more towards professional athletes than they are celebrities. This designer sunglass company has a long list of high profile athletes supporting their innovative designs. Some of the professional athletes relying on Ryders' Eyewear for protection and style include international bike racer, Jason Muscroft, world renowned mountain biker Frasier Vaage and international skier Les Manley.

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