Revo Sunglasses

NASA Technology Applied to Sunglass Design

Revo sunglasses are truly unique to any other type of sunglasses on today's market. Possibly the most innovative design known to sunglass designers was created by Mitch Ruda in 1985. So what was so different about Revo sunglasses? Revo sunglasses feature the same special coating developed by NASA to protect portholes from outer space radiation. Sunglasses using this advanced design quickly became the most innovative models in the industry.

Revo's mission is to ensure the sharpest vision possible through technological excellence. Their sunglass collection has expanded to include aviator sunglass styles, rimless models and wraparound designs. Offering a multitude of colors and shapes to choose from, Revo has successfully created a collection of sunglasses that is both stylish and functional at the same time.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

Revo's latest sunglass line incorporates a number of popular styles like rimless models and super dark designs to meet the needs of style-hungry shoppers. Their primary focus relies on the technological aspect of the sunglasses while style is a secondary issue. As a result, Revo sunglasses are highly protective (featuring polarized lenses and full UV protection) and highly fashionable. A combination of fashion and function is the definition of Revo's latest sunglass line. Must-have models include the Revo Flex 4011 and the Revo 3043 polarized model.

Average Costs

Revo sunglasses can be purchased online for less than $200. Some models can cost as low as $150, depending on specific features and the time of year. The highly advanced technology used in the design of these sunglasses offers complete visual protection for less than $200. Although this may seem relatively expensive to some individuals, you get what you pay for. Those of you willing to spend a couple hundred dollars for a pair of sunglasses will experience the benefits and advantages of purchasing high quality products as opposed to highly affordable products.

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