Puma Sunglasses

Featuring the Mountain Lion Logo

The Puma label was established in 1948 when Rudolph Dassler split from his brothers company (Adidas) to create his own shoe company. Puma began exclusively as a shoe company but, over the years, has expanded to include apparel, footwear, sports accessories and sunglasses.

Currently the Puma label is worn by international athletes, celebrities and sports-lovers from all over the world. With partners in over 80 countries around the world, the infamous Puma logo has become synonymous with style, dedication and an everlasting love of sports.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

Puma's latest sunglass line features strong, durable structure and optically correct lenses for optimum protection outdoors. Their sleek models are available in a number of shapes and colors to suit all individuals, regardless of their personal style. Most Puma models feature the mountain lion logo either on the inside or outside of the arms. Some must-have models in the Puma designer sunglass collection include their Asti model and their Scuba model.

Average Costs

Puma sunglasses generally fall in the price range of about $60-$90. Puma is a very well-known designer label with a reputation of manufacturing superior, long-lasting products. The cost of their sunglasses is extremely affordable for such high quality, premium sunglasses.

Celebrity Sightings

Serena Williams

Puma is the proud sponsor of a number of international athletes. Their sunglasses, along with other Puma products, are worn by outstanding athletes on a regular basis whether for tournaments or Olympic events. Some of the world's most renowned athletes are proud supporters of the Puma label. From Jesse Owens in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games to Serena Williams in the 2005 Wimbledon Cup, Puma products are the choice for the past, present and future. International basketball superstar Vince Carter has also been seen sporting these fabulous designer sunglasses. Generations of athletes and superstars have worn the Puma label and it is expected that this notorious label will be worn for many generations to come.

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