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Over the years, the name Prada has become synonymous with luxury, style and sophistication. Since its establishment in 1913, Prada has evolved into one of the largest, most recognizable fashion empires in the history of fashion. In the beginning, Mario Prada exclusively developed unique and creative handbag, shoe and suitcase designs, but has expanded his product line to include everything from clothing and sunglasses to watches and jewelry.

Prada began its journey with two little boutiques in Milan. Through these two boutiques, Mario had gained a loyal following of fashionable individuals from all across the United States and Europe. An international success was born. Today, Prada's signature triangle has become a status symbol of wealth and luxury all over the world.

Currently owned by Mario's granddaughter Miuccia Prada, the company continues its worldwide success. Prada is now a billion dollar company unveiling inspiring clothing and accessory designs every year.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

Prada's latest sunglass line defines style with breathtaking designs and distinctive detailing incorporated into every model. Prada sunglasses feature optically correct lenses and offer 100 percent UV protection. Prada designs are truly unique to any other label on the market. From wide, wraparound styles to stylish aviator inspired models, Prada's sunglass collection has a model for every type of person. Whether you're looking for a casually understated pair of designer frames or a mind-blowing overstated pair of celebrity shades, Prada has a look for you. Must-have models in the Prada collection include their SPR52G model and their SPR70G model.

Average Costs

Prada sunglasses are fairly expensive compared to some of the other brand name sunglass labels, but they are more expensive for specific reasons. Prada sunglasses are designed with the highest quality of materials and feature the most innovative and unique designs on the market. Diamonds are expensive because they are rare and Prada sunglasses are expensive for the same reason. The fact that everyone can't afford them is what makes Prada so exclusively unique. If you choose to buy them it signifies your interest in fashion. So how much do their sunglasses cost? Most models are priced between $175 and $300.

If you like the bold design of Prada sunglasses but simply can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair, check out Miu Miu sunglasses. Known as Prada's sister line, Miu Miu is a less expensive division of Prada, offering luxurious styles at more affordable prices.

Celebrity Sightings

Mary Kate Olsen

Prada designs have become synonymous with a number of high profile celebrity names like Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman and Jessica Simpson. Almost every celebrity owns at least one piece of Prada, whether it's a pair of sunglasses, a pair of shoes or one of their infamous handbag designs. Other highly notable celebrities seen sporting Prada designer sunglasses include Vince Vaughn, Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and Jon Bon Jovi. Prada sunglasses feature innovative designs which are sought after by some of the most fashion driven individuals in the world.

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