Panoptx Sunglasses

Seeing the World in a Better Light

Founder and head of research, Dr. Rudolph Kopfer, has had a vision for Panoptx since the moment he conducted the idea of owning a designer eyewear company. His dedication and determination over the years has lead him and his team to great success when it comes to the Panoptx name. The incredible success of Panoptx eyewear is a result of years of hard work and the ability to create designs which are truly unique to any other designer label.

Panoptx specializes in producing a combination of high performance sunglasses and snow goggles. Their mission is to create super comfortable, optically correct eyewear that won't compromise your vision after prolonged exposure to the sun. These qualities are found in every pair of Panoptx sunglasses.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

The latest line of Panoptx sunglasses and goggles are designed with the highest level of comfort, durability and flexibility to ensure complete protection from the sun while exuding a stylish image. Most of their models feature wide frames and narrow lenses for a fierce image and ultimate coverage. Each pair offers 100 percent protection against the harmful effects of UV rays and is 100 percent polarized to reduce glare.

Truly the highest level of quality on the market, Panoptx is dedicated to giving you what you need. This designer label offers a wide range of sunglasses in a multitude of styles and designs to suit individual preferences. Some must-have models in their latest collection include their Dart and Vortex models.

Average Costs

Panoptx sunglasses and snow goggles can range in price anywhere from $60 to $140 depending on the style, design and season. This is a reasonable price for designer sports sunglasses. If you're looking for less expensive sunglasses, try finding products that were released at least 2 seasons ago. Older models tend to be sold for less.

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