Oakley Sunglasses

The Most Highly Respected Eyewear Company on Today's Market

Oakley sunglasses are quite possibly the most popular designer sunglass brand on today's market. World renowned for creating high performance designs and indestructible styles, Oakley has tested the limits of sunglass design and developed some of the most outrageous models available. Formed in 1977, Oakley has evolved from a small, understated company to a large, internationally recognized, premium sunglass brand.

Currently headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California, Oakley offers a multitude of sunglass models in a variety of colors, designs and shapes. Offering the highest quality designs and combining them with the most advanced technology in the industry, Oakley sunglasses meet the outstanding demands of consumers that other brand labels are incapable of meeting.

Oakley's product line currently consists of a wide variety of eyewear, footwear, watches, accessories and apparel for both men and women.

On February 8th, 2006 Oakley acquired Oliver PeoplesEyewear and now owns all 3 of Oliver Peoples' eyewear lines as well.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

Oakley's sunglass lines consist of prescription, magnesium, polarized, signature series and sports eyewear for both men and women. Oakley has recently released some of the most incredible sunglass models to ever be introduced onto the international market. On December 2nd, 2005 Oakley released their latest line of sunglasses called Spike Eyewear. This line unveiled some of their most extreme sunglass models yet.

One model, the Oakley Thump, is a combination sunglass model/MP3 player. This model actually has a built-in MP3 player so you can control your music through your sunglasses! The entire Spike Eyewear line consists of cutting-edge styles and incredible designs that truly blow the socks off their competition.

The Oakley RAZRWIRE a true marvel in the world of sunglasses - comes fully equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology and is sure to please even the most jaded techno-geek. The RAZRWIRE is a combination of stylish Oakley sunglasses and a Bluetooth headset from Motorola that stands to provide the user with unparalleled communications mobility. These glasses are the epitome of wearable technology, seamlessly combining both style and function. These lenses filter 100% of UV and blue light, both of which are very harmful for your eyes.

The RAZRWIRE incorporates Motorola's third generation Bluetooth technology, ensuring that these glasses will be compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled cell phones and devices. Users are able to carry on a telephone conversation even when upwards of 30ft. away from their phone. The headset can be worn on either side of the glasses. If you're looking for truly unique designs, Oakley is the perfect place to look.

Average Costs

Oakley sunglasses usually cost between $135 and $250. Some of the newer, more advanced models like Oakley's Thump can cost as much as $350, but if you're a technical guru you'll love the features of these types of models.

Celebrity Sightings

Tom Cruise

There are countless celebrities and professional athletes who choose Oakley sunglasses over all others. You know a company makes a good pair of sunglasses when celebrities and professional athletes choose to wear them - after all, they have more money than half of us know what to do with, I don't think they would waste it on a poor pair of shades.

Oakley sunglasses are so popular that they were chosen for Tom Cruise's character in Mission Impossible 2. Oakley sunglasses were also featured in the X-Men movie which created a great deal of publicity upon release. Famous racecar driver Matt Kenseth chooses to start his engine while hiding behind a pair of Oakley designer frames and Lance Armstrong chose to sport Oakley's Thump model on the Tour De France. Oakley is unanimously known as the leading sunglass brand among many of today's most outstanding celebrities.

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