Mineza Sunglasses

An Elusive Combination of American and Chinese Styles

Mineza is a one of the newest and most up-to-date sunglass lines on today's market. These truly unique, innovative designs are expected to become the most popular model for sunglasses within the next couple of years. Mineza sunglasses are designed by Aaron Smith, a popular designer with 5 years experience in the sunglass industry. Smith has designed a wide range of highly successful sunglasses for a number of top brands in the industry. The Mineza sunglass line is a result of a combined effort of Aaron Smith and his partner Michael Nezer.

Mineza sunglasses are more than just an accessory - there is a story behind each pair. There are 13 models in their current line and the name of each model is significantly linked to the designers. Each model has a personal related family name inscribed on the inside of the temple. By doing this, Aaron has incorporated a little piece of himself in every one of his designs.

Newest Line & Must-Have Models

The Mineza product line focuses on retro styles and oversized sunglasses designs of the past. The Mineza designers believe the larger the lenses, the better the design and therefore every Mineza model is designed in retro-style. Another important aspect of this sunglass line is incorporating all-American designs with the latest Chinese styles. Every pair of Mineza sunglasses has a Chinese character on the lens. The Chinese character is the name Mineza ME NE SA which means beautiful hard-working girl.

The Mineza product line consists of a number of mens, women's and unisex styles which are available in 3-4 colors. All sunglass models are designed with high quality, Italian acetate and polarized lenses. Each womans model features 13 Swarovski stones for a truly unique, feminine design.

Average Costs

Mineza sunglasses offer the high quality and durability that other designer eyewear brands offer at more affordable prices. The price of Mineza sunglasses will vary according to each specific model and the features associated with each. A completely new concept to sunglass design, Mineza offers unique styles and creative ideas at reasonable prices for everyone to enjoy.

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