Julbo Sunglasses

Protective Eyewear for Extreme Outdoor Environments

Julbo began in the late 1880s and was created by world renowned fashion designer Jules Baud. In 1950, Julbo released their first pair of mountaineering sunglasses. This single pair of sunglasses quickly became the foundation for future Julbo sunglass lines focusing on visual protection in extreme outdoor conditions. Now, with over 250 outlets in over 55 countries around the world, Julbo has created a brand name label synonymous with innovation and creativity. The Julbo label has expanded to include high quality, premium clothing lines and eyewear collections for men, women, children and babies.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

Julbo's newest product line features the highest standard of materials with flexibility and durability for long-lasting comfort in extreme outdoor environments. These features, combined with the latest styles and designs have made Julbo one of the most sought after sunglass labels on today's market. Some of the most stylish designs in the collection include Julbo's Typhoon and Advance models with photo chromic lenses and removable side shields. Julbo sunglasses offer ultimate UV eye protection so you can enjoy the outdoors without compromising your vision.

Average Costs

Julbo sunglasses feature the widest price range compared to any other designer label on today's market. From $30 to $175, Julbo's prices are based on the features and functions of each specific model.

Celebrity Sightings

Janet Jackson

There are a number of celebrities who enjoy the mysterious look of Julbo eyewear. Whether they are participating in outdoor sports or relaxing on the beaches of California, celebrities feel the need to hide their identity from the overly-aggressive paparazzi. Julbo sunglasses feature super dark lenses which are perfect for celebrities. The darker the sunglasses, the less likely they will be recognized when they don't want to be. Celebrities who have been seen sporting Julbo designer frames include Janet Jackson and George Clooney. Julbo sunglasses are also worn by some of today's most talented athletes including world renowned Olympic skier Bode Miller.

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