Gatorz Sunglasses

Virtually Indestructible Designer Eyewear

Gatorz sunglasses are designed with super durable materials and polycarbonate lenses to ensure distortion-free vision and long-lasting wear. Based out of California, this company is dedicated to designing the best possible sunglasses for fashionable individuals who enjoy spending a great deal of time outdoors. With a multitude of colors and designs to choose from, Gatorz has rapidly made its mark on the fashion industry. This brand name label has become one of the most sought after brands on today's sunglass market. Only offering the utmost in quality and design, Gatorz sunglasses are virtually impossible to destroy.

Newest Lines and Must-Have Models

Gatorz newest sunglass line is an elusive combination of style and purpose. Their designs feature distinctive detailing, bold colors and creative shapes to satisfy the needs of all types of individuals and a variety of personal styles. All Gatorz sunglass models are fully adjustable to fit any face and offer 100 percent protection against all types of UV radiation. Some of the must-have models offered by this designer include the Gatorz Demora and Shadow designs. These daring models will enhance your appearance while protecting your eyes from the unwanted effects of the sun.

Average Costs

The average cost of Gatorz eyewear ranges between $150 and $200 depending on the style and season. Some of the newer models can cost as much as $300, whereas last-season's models can be purchased for as low as $100 online.

Celebrity Sightings

Michael Andretti

Gatorz sunglasses have been featured in a number of TV shows, movies and racing competitions. They have also been worn by a number of celebrities and athletes around the world. Gatorz' Transformer model has been featured on American Chopper Monster Garage and offers complete protection against flying dirt and debris as well as full protection from the sun. Racecar driver Michael Andretti is also a fiery supporter of Gatorz eyewear and sports this label both on and off the track. Gatorz' sunglass designs offer complete protection so you can enjoy the outdoors while looking fabulous.

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