Adidas Sunglasses

Casual Sunglasses with a Touch of Celebrity Style

The Adidas company originally began in 1920 when Adi Dassler produced a pair of shoes in Germany. Seven years later the Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Factory opened a warehouse where they began making hundreds of pairs of shoes a day. In August of 1949, the company became official and began to evolve into what is now known as one of the world's most highly reputable sports fashion companies. Over the years, this once one dimensional company has expanded its product line to include shoes, clothing, accessories and of course, sunglasses.

Adidas has become a world renowned sports fashion company with a long history of exceptional marketing techniques. Some of their success can be attributed to marketing developments associated with international sporting events, the Olympics, celebrities, professional athletes and a number of world-famous TV commercials. In order for a company to achieve this type of success, they must keep ahead of the new and upcoming trends in today's market. One look at their newest line of sunglasses shows they are on the ball.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

There has been a recent overwhelming increase of popularity in designer sunglasses. Adidas is just one of the major companies to partake in designing and selling these must-have fashion accessories. Their sunglasses feature sleek, rimless and framed designs with polycarbonate lenses. They also offer the option of polarizing any pair - for an additional $20. The must-have designs offered by this company include the A123 Gazelle, an ultra-light design for sport and casual wear, and the a136 Elevation with stylish wraparound lenses. Its newest line, Evil Eye, provides athletes with unobstructed vision when competing in numerous types of sporting events.

Average Costs

The cost of Adidas eyewear will vary among each individual model; however the general cost of these sporty accessories lies between $200 and $500. High profile designer sunglass manufacturers like Adidas are able to charge higher prices than some other companies because of the reputation they have earned for producing high quality, fashionable products.

Celebrity Sightings

Jeremy Wariner

Jeremy Wariner, Olympic gold medalist and spokesperson/model for Adidas is an avid sunglass collector who refuses to wear anything but Adidas. This world famous Olympic athlete has been seen sporting the Adidas Gazelle model - a popular design among many high profile athletes. These performance-based athletic accessories provide Jeremy, and other professional athletes, with the protection they need when competing in sporting events. Whether you play competitively or for personal best, Adidas sunglasses will provide you with the protection you need to enjoy the outdoors.

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